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Timber cruisers can now measure tree heights and monitor slope grades with unparalleled ease. Surveying jobs such as sale boundaries and stem mapping become almost effortless. Measuring chip volumes can be done without having to occupy the stockpile. Laser Technology, Inc. offers a full range of powerful, compact lasers and forestry tools with features perfectly tailored for gathering field data. Our lasers can penetrate dense brush and our Criterion RD 1000 provides a direct read-out of heights and diameters and can also be used as a slope-corrected Basal Area scope for variable plot cruising.

Professional Measurement Products
Products for Professional Field Measurements

Laser Technology offers a wide range of laser-based products for professional field measurement applications from measuring a distance, height or elevation to verifying an azimuth direction or remote position with GPS. Use our Product Finder to locate specific products or accessories.

TruPulse Series

A low cost, high performance handheld laser rangefinder capable of measuring long range distances, heights and even azimuth.

TruSense S200

System integrators can easily install this sensor into mill operations for bin leveling, in-line positioning and proximity detection applications.

LaserSoft Measure App

Make data collection easy with this smartphone app. Remote fire the laser with Bluetooth and get measurements needed along with a photo of each shot.

Criterion RD 1000

The first electronic BAF-Scope / Dendrometer device capable of taking diameter measurements, heights at which specific diameters occur, In/Out determinations and much more.

LaserGIS for ArcPad®

ArcPad® Users Wanted! Maximize your productivity and streamline your workflow with this intuitive software extension that makes laser data collection faster and easier.

MapSmart Software Solution

Field data collection software designed for the non-surveyor. Upgrade and easily collect stockpile volumes.

TruPulse 200L

A laser that measures distance and height with 4x power optics.

TruPulse 200X

A rugged and waterproof laser that produces high precision measurements, has an adjustable illuminated in-scope LED and is ideal for challenging conditions.

TruPoint 300

An all-in-one laser rangefinder that includes an inclinometer with vertical and horizontal angle encoders. It produces survey-grade distance accuracy with a visible beam and has on-board calculations.

Log Deck Volume Solution

Integrating with LTI's Impulse/MapStar® System and/or TruPulse® lasers, Log Deck Volume solution software provides streamlined, cost-effective, efficient and safer laser measurements while out in the field.

Laser Pointing System

A time-saving, cost-effective solution that measures horizontal angles and captures X, Y and Z coordinates for a complete 3D mapping system.

Universal Laser Sensor (ULS)

A programmable pulsed-laser sensor that enables you to obtain accurate measurements in a wide variety of applications.

MapSmart Android

Embrace an easier way to map. Utilize this software for improved workflow, built-in help, instant calculations, project sharing and high-quality images associated with each point.


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