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Founded in 2003, Timberland Investment Resources, LLC is among the world's largest and most experienced timberland investment management firms. We serve a global clientele of sophisticated institutional investors and focus on producing superior risk-adjusted returns in accordance with their objectives. Our investment philosophy is anchored by an emphasis on identifying and capitalizing on market inefficiencies. We do this by employing disciplined market and investment research and rigorous due diligence – utilizing the perspectives and insights we obtain to acquire quality forest assets and to sustainably manage them so they achieve their biological and financial potential.


Our team has in-depth timberland investment management skills and experience in every aspect of the discipline. This versatility allows us to add value at each stage of the investment process – when we acquire timberland for our clients, as we manage their assets, and when we sell their forests to complete the investment cycle.

Acquisitions and Dispositions

Since the inception of the asset class, TIR’s partners have acquired several millions of acres of high-quality timberland assets in more than 170 separate transactions. We also have sold nearly $1 billion in forest assets by consistently focusing on how to optimize both the near and long-term performance of our clients' portfolios. We pursue attractive investment opportunities in every major timberland investment region of the United States and currently oversee expansive collections of forest assets in the U.S. South, Northeast and Lake States. We also monitor global timberland markets for circumstances that are likely to present regional, market and operational inefficiencies that we can exploit for clients that are interested in more geographically diversified portfolios.

Timberland Management

Our partners each have an average more than 30 years of experience leading forest research efforts and implementing advanced timber management strategies that are designed to enhance the biological productivity and investment performance of our clients’ assets. The lands we manage are third-party certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) standard and this influencing every aspect of our forest planning and management regimen, from…

  • Developing timber regeneration strategies
  • Conducting timber inventory analysis
  • Forecasting and projecting timber growth and yields
  • Implementing stand-level timber management techniques
  • Planning and scheduling timber harvests
  • Initiating and negotiating timber sales and supervising harvest operations
  • Practicing sound environmental stewardship


TIR’s research team includes individuals with Ph.D.’s who have an average of more than 20 years of experience in all facets of forest economics and biometrics. Our researchers are recognized experts in the timberland investment community and have produced numerous scholarly works and articles for a diverse collection of academic and industry organizations on a range of topics, including forest finance, forest industry trends and forest and timber management.


115 Perimeter Center Place Suite 940
Atlanta, Georgia 30346
United States of America

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